With You Again

Imagine yourself in a beautiful, quiet garden on a warm summer day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming in all their glory. You lie on a soft blanket, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and the gentle breeze blowing through your hair. Suddenly you hear the sound of approaching footsteps and you turn around to see your lover walking towards you. Her lover is wearing a tight, revealing dress that shows off her curves and skin. When they approach you, they lean in and kiss you gently on the lips. You feel a shiver of excitement run down your spine when her lips meet yours and you open your mouth to deepen the kiss. As you continue kissing, your lover begins to undress, revealing his bare skin. You reach out and touch her soft, warm flesh, feeling the texture of her skin and the beat of her heart. Your lover looks into your eyes and smiles, inviting you to touch him even more. You continue to explore your lover's body, running your hands over his muscles and feeling the strength of his arms. Your lover leans back, spreads his legs and invites you to touch his private parts. You run your fingers over her pussy, feeling the heat and wetness of her pussy and feeling a rush of excitement when you realize your lover is ready for you. Reach for your erection and feel its hardness and length. You push it into your lover's pussy and feel the tightness and heat of her pussy around you. Your lover moans in pleasure as you begin to fuck him, moving your hips back and forth in a slow, rhythmic pace. As you continue to fuck your lover, you feel his body shaking with pleasure. Your moans become louder and more intense and you feel a sense of satisfaction as you realize you are giving your lover pleasure. You continue fucking your lover, feeling her body react to your touch and her pussy contracting around you. As you orgasm, you will feel your own body shaking with pleasure. Your lovers' moans become louder and more intense and you feel a feeling of relief as your cum is released into her pussy. You continue fucking your lover for a few more minutes, feeling her body react to your touch and her pussy getting tight

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