Twerk Girls On A Fat Ride

Join us for a wild ride with a group of fat girls as they twerk and dance through the city streets. The girls all wear tight, revealing outfits that show off their curves and assets. They ride around the city on fat bikes, hopping and skipping as they twist and turn in their seats. As they ride, the girls get a little frisky with each other, teasing and flirting as they twerk around town. They stop in a park and start dancing together. Their bodies move in perfect harmony as they swirl in the air. The camera then moves to a nearby strip club where the girls take their twerking to the next level. They dance around the stage, their bodies bouncing and skipping as they twist and turn in the air. The audience is mesmerized by their moves, clapping and cheering as they twerk around the strip club. As the night progresses, the girls continue to twerk and dance around the city, leaving a trail of bubbles and twerking behind them. They end the evening with a rooftop party, twerking and dancing together as the sun sets over the city skyline. The video ends with the girls continuing to twerk and dance as their bubbles bounce and bounce as they walk off into the sunset. This is one wild ride with a bunch of big girls and you won't want to miss a moment of it!

Duration: 12:55

Views: 33

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