The Follower Increases

Get ready for a steamy session of self-love and weight gain as you follow the lead of your sexy model. With every movement you feel your muscles burning, your heart pounding in your chest and your body getting hotter and hotter. You start with light stretching exercises and feel your muscles loosen and your body relax. Then move on to some weightlifting exercises where you push your body to its limits and feel your muscles getting stronger with each repetition. But it's not just about physical exercise: you also focus on your mental and emotional well-being, taking time to connect with yourself and let go of stress and negative thoughts. As the video progresses, you become more immersed in the moment, losing yourself in the rhythm of the music and the heat of the moment. By the end of the video you will feel empowered, stronger and more confident than ever before. So put on your workout clothes, grab the weights and get ready to follow your sexy model's lead as you gain weight and feel the burn.

Duration: 24:23

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