The Chef's Daughter Gets Fucked By A Big Fat Cobra

A sexy and slender young woman, who is the daughter of the CEO of a prestigious company, is traveling to a friend's house in the countryside. Along the way, she gets stuck in the mud and is forced to seek help from a friendly mechanic. The mechanic, seeing her lovely curves and legs, can't resist the temptation to grab her and fuck her right there on the spot. The two of them continue to fuck her in various positions, taking advantage of the warm summer sun and clear blue skies. As the day goes on, the CEO hears the news of her daughter's exploits and becomes enraged. He storms down to the garage and takes revenge on the mechanic by ramming his van into the man and killing himinstantly. The boss's daughter is left with the aftermath of this deadly incident and is understandably shaken.

Duration: 13:41

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