Lost In The Flesh

Imagine getting lost in the depths of a lush green forest. The only noise is the rustling of leaves and the occasional bird song. Suddenly you come across a clearing and there, in the middle, is a beautiful woman with an incredible body. Her curves are so perfect that they almost seem like they come from another world. You approach slowly, taking in every inch of his flesh. Her breasts are big and round and stick out of her top, and her ass is so big that it bulges in all the right places. You reach out and touch her, feeling the softness of her skin and the firmness of her body. She looks at you with a seductive smile and invites you to follow her deeper into the forest. As you walk, you come to a secluded spot where the sun shines through the trees, casting a dappled light on the ground. She takes off her top and pants, revealing her naked body in all its glory. You take off your clothes and join her, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and the softness of the grass under your feet. You lie down next to her and feel her body pressed against yours. He looks at you and begins to run his fingers through your hair, pulling you closer to him. Suddenly he leans in and kisses you, his lips soft and warm. You kiss her back and feel the passion growing between you. She breaks the kiss and begins licking and nibbling on your neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses on your chest. You grab her hips and pull her closer to you. She starts rubbing herself against you, her pussy wet and ready. You feel his heat and wetness and know that you will come soon. Suddenly she leans forward and takes your cock in her mouth, feeling its length and girth as she begins to suck. Feel her lips on your cock, her tongue licking and teasing you. He begins to deepen his blowjob, taking you deeper and deeper into his mouth. You feel your orgasm building and you know that you will come soon. Suddenly she pulls away from you and starts riding you, her pussy is tight and wet. You hear it

Duration: 11:48

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