Hot And Heavy

The scene begins with a beautiful, curvy woman sitting on a couch, drinking coffee and watching a romantic movie. She is wearing a tight, revealing dress that emphasizes her curves. Suddenly the doorbell rings and she gets up to answer it. She is his best friend who is also a beautiful and curvy woman. They hug and invite each other to chat. As they talk, the two women realize that they both secretly have a crush on the same boy. They decide to go to a nearby beach to find him and confess their feelings to him. As they walk along the shore, they see him playing beach volleyball with a group of friends. They watch him for a while and then come closer. The boy is initially surprised by the sight of the two women, but then calms down and introduces himself. They all get along and start playing volleyball together. While playing, the two women begin flirting with the boy and he begins flirting back. They all laugh and have a great time. After the game, the two women invite the boy to a picnic in a nearby park. They sit on a blanket and eat sandwiches and fruit while talking and laughing. The boy begins to get closer to the two women and it becomes clear to everyone that there is a deep bond between them. As the sun sets, the two women take a romantic walk in the park with the boy. They hold hands and kiss as they stroll down the path. The boy begins to get closer and closer to the two women and it becomes clear to everyone that they are in love. The scene ends with the three of them lying on a blanket in the park, watching the stars come out. They all huddle close together and hold each other, feeling happy and in love. End.

Duration: 10:50

Views: 41

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