He Somehow Squirts In His Car

Jenise drove down the highway feeling horny and adventurous. He had been thinking about squirting in the car for a while and finally decided to give it a try. He pulled over to the side of the road, parked the car and opened the door. She quickly took off her clothes, revealing her tight, wet pussy. She got in the driver's seat, spread her legs and started rubbing her clit. She felt her juices building up and knew it was time to let them out. Jenise reached down and began rubbing her clit, pulling on her lips to make her squirt. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly as she felt her juices leaking out of her pussy and onto the car seat. He opened his eyes and saw that his splash had left a large wet spot on the seat. The thought of squirting in his car excited her immensely. She started rubbing her clit again, this time harder and faster. She could feel her orgasm building and knew it would be intense. Jenise closed her eyes and moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm hit her. She squeaked again, this time even louder than before. She could feel her juices leaking from her pussy onto the car seat, making a big wet mess. Jenise couldn't help but feel satisfied after her squirting session. She had never felt so horny before and knew she would come back again and again to squirt in his car. As she walked away, Jenise felt a little embarrassed. She had never squirted in a car before and wasn't sure how other people would react. But she didn't care. She was pleased with herself and knew that she would always enjoy squirting in the car.

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