Fat Betty's Holiday Inn Adventure

Fat Betty is a chubby and curvy woman who enjoys food and sex. He is always looking for new experiences and looks forward to spending his vacation at the Holiday Inn. When she arrives at the hotel, Betty is greeted by the friendly staff and checks into her room. She takes a moment to relax and enjoy the view from her balcony before heading to the lobby to explore. There he meets a group of sexy men who are also staying at the hotel. They hit it off immediately and spent the rest of the day exploring the city together. Later that evening, Betty and her new friends return to the hotel and hit the hot tub. As they bathe in the hot water, they perk up and start making out. Soon Betty is stripped naked and the men are desperate to take her with them. They take turns fucking her from behind, feeling her soft, plump ass as they go in and out. Betty moans with pleasure as the men take turns fucking her, feeling their hard cocks sliding in and out of her pussy. She can't get enough of their big, hard cocks and begs for more. As the night progresses, Betty and her friends continue to fuck and pleasure, exploring every inch of her body. They take turns riding each other and feeling their soft skin against each other. Finally, as the sun rises, Betty and her friends say goodbye and return to their rooms to rest. But Betty knows this is just the beginning of her Holiday Inn adventure. She can't wait to see what other sexy men and experiences await her in this exciting new world.

Duration: 14:53

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