Bass Control

It's time to take a look at the depths of this sexy girl's body. She's got curves in all the right places and her hips are so juicy you could bounce a ball on them. But what really sets her apart is her butt, which is so big and round it could be used as a battering ram. When you watch her dance, you will inevitably be attracted to her butt. It's like a magnet that pulls you closer and closer. You reach for it and feel the soft, plump flesh beneath your fingers. You squeeze her and she moans with pleasure. You can't resist the urge to spank her, so you do it and she loves it. She bounces up and down on your hand as you continue to spank her. You can hear the sound of her skin slapping against your hand and you know you're making her come. You take off your clothes and join her, pressing your body against hers. You feel her hips grinding against your cock and you know you're going to cum soon. You reach down and grab her ass, pulling her closer to you. You push your cock inside her and she screams in pleasure. You fuck her hard and pound her ass until she begs for more. You spank her again and she moans louder. You pull out and cum on her ass, leaving her covered in your cum. He licks it, enjoying the taste of your cum on his tongue. As you watch her walk away, you can't help but feel satisfied. You know you just had the best bass check of your life and you can't wait to do it again. Title: Ass Worship

Duration: 25:10

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