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Fat Betty, a plump, curvy woman, stayed at the Holiday Inn on a business trip. He had been looking forward to this trip for months and was looking forward to finally getting some rest and relaxation. As she settled into her room, she couldn't help but notice the handsome man in the room next to her. He was tall, muscular and had a strong chin. She couldn't help but feel a little flirtatious as she watched him move around her room. Later that night, as she lay in bed, she heard a knock on her door. It was the man in the room next to her. He introduced himself as Jack and said he couldn't sleep and was looking for someone to talk to. Betty, feeling a little lonely herself, invited him. They chatted for a while, talking about their lives and business trips. As they talked, they felt a little attracted to each other. Finally they couldn't help but kiss. It was the first time they met and both felt a strong connection. They continued kissing and exploring each other's bodies until they finally took off their clothes and started having sex. Betty was amazed at how good it felt to be with someone so much bigger and stronger than her. She loved the way he dominated her, taking control of their bodies and making her feel small and helpless. Jack, on the other hand, loved the way Betty's curves fit in his hands. He loved the way her ass jiggled as he fucked her and the way her tits bounced as he penetrated her. As they continued to have sex, they both knew they couldn't stop. They were both so horny and couldn't get enough of each other. When they were finally finished, they lay in bed, panting and sweating. They couldn't believe how good it was to be together. They knew they would never forget this moment and would always think of each other. As they left the Holiday Inn the next morning, they were a little sad that their time together was coming to an end. But they knew they would always have it

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